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Louis Pasteur, ForMemRS
The Father of Germ Theory

From chemistry to biology, Louis Pasteur and his laboratory experiments revolutionized our understanding of infectious diseases.

Chapter 1
Louis Pasteur's Origin Story

From birth to earning his doctorate, Louis Pasteur had an inquisitive mind.

December 27, 1822
Birth of Pasteur

Pasteur Observes Rabies

Pasteur Completes Bachelor of Arts Degree

August 13, 1842
Pasteur Completes Bachelor of Science Degree

Pasteur Continues His Schooling

Chapter 2
Pasteur's First Discoveries, Setbacks, and Tragedies

Dr. Pasteur endures some hardships while making significant contributions to the understanding of infectious diseases.

Studies of Fermentation

The Biology of Fermentation

September 10, 1859
Pasteur's Daughter Dies

May 23, 1866
Another Tragedy

October 19, 1868
Pasteur Has a Stroke

April 30, 1877
Anthrax Investigations

Chapter 3
Pasteur Beats Rabies

An attenuated virus vaccine against rabies becomes Dr. Pasteur's world-renowned accomplishment.

Rabies Studies Begin

June 5, 1881
Landmark Anthrax Vaccine Study

Attenuating the Rabies Virus

May 19, 1884
Rabies Success with Dogs Announced

July 6, 1885
Rabies Vaccine Used in Human

November 14, 1888
Institut Pasteur Inaugurated

October 9, 1893
New York Inauguration