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The Best Online Sources of Information on the Coronavirus Situation


René F. Najera, DrPH

February 10, 2020

There is no shortage of information on the current epidemic of Coronavirus infections. Unfortunately, . We offer you the following list in the hopes that you can get the best information on what is going on.
  • Your state or local health department: State and local public health agencies are coordinating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and keeping everyone informed on what is going on. Your state or local health department should have a dedicated web page to distribute information. If they don't, it would not be a bad idea for you to give them a call and ask. For example, the City of Philadelphia has their Coronavirus information here: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has their information here:
  • Based on the visitor traffic to this blog and the main History of Vaccines page, we recommend the following sites: India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has this page: Mexico's Secretariat of Health has this page: Australia's Department of Health has this page:
  • World Health Organization:
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy from the University of Minnesota:
  • Johns Hopkins University has a nice-looking dashboard with maps and statistics of cases and deaths:
Of course, as the situation develops, we will be updating you on this blog and on our social media accounts ( on Twitter and ).


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