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The Best Instagram Profiles About Vaccines


René F. Najera, DrPH

July 18, 2020

Modern life has brought with it the social media phenomenon where we communicate through rather short messages on a variety of social media platforms. For those who really like to keep it short and usually with only text, there is . If you like a more social approach, where you can meet other like-minded people and exchange ideas, there is . And, if you're into a more visual medium that has short videos and lots of graphics -- and even more photography -- there is .

Like all the other social media platforms, Instagram is not immune to accounts promoting pseudoscience or trying to sell you snake oil. Nevertheless, there are plenty of good accounts to follow if you want to keep up on news and articles about vaccines, or you just want to see some nice historical photographs, you might be interested in the following Instagram accounts.

Except for the History of Vaccines account, we are not responsible for the content posted on those accounts, of course...

History of Vaccines

Voices For Vaccines

Never Were Harmless

Vaccine Awareness Coalition

The Vaccine Mom

Sabin Vaccine Institute

GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance

Know of any others? Go ahead and send in your suggestions.


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