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COVID-19 Vaccination Begins in the United States


René F. Najera, DrPH

December 15, 2020

Sandra Lindsay, a critical care nurse in New York City, became one of the first Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 after the vaccine was approved under an by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the Wall Street Journal:

"The nurse, Sandra Lindsay, is a critical-care nurse at the hospital, which is part of Northwell Health. The vaccine, manufactured by  Inc. and , was administered just shortly after 9 a.m. during a live stream from the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Mr. Cuomo’s office said it was the first Covid-19 vaccination administered in the U.S. Health-care workers at a NYU Langone Health hospital in Manhattan also received vaccinations Monday. Several other hospitals were expected to begin vaccinating on Tuesday.
Ms. Lindsay, who is originally from Jamaica, said the vaccination didn’t feel any different than any other. She said she was relieved to receive the vaccine and hoped the moment marked the beginning of the end of . She said she wanted to instill public confidence that the vaccine is safe and that her work is guided by science. The West Indian community, she said, is reluctant to take the vaccine and she wanted to encourage the community to follow her lead. She said she had lost family members to Covid-19, and saw “a lot of hurt, pain, suffering, death,” working in the intensive care unit of her hospital."


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